Undecided about your next hair do? Check here ☝ 

Hello dolls,  beautiful week ahead everyone. So we put together a number of hair do you might want to try on your next visit to your salon, variety they say is the spice of life. So shake off that usual hair you are known for and try something more spicy….. 

Fringe is a must do , specially this cold season. It suits all face shape.. You can go with a scantier fringe or fuller fringe depending on what complements your face shape. 😉 

If the blonde doesn’t do the whole. Magic for you, seeing they say is believing, how about this same style but in a darker shade?

This is perfect for a light complexioned face and someone who is already on a short hair. If you are tired of your black hair, why not ” Nancy” it up… ☺

Whether you are a naturalista or you already have your hair relaxed, this Beverly look is beautiful and might suit a lady with a more bolder face..

A faux lover will definitely love this look. It is versatile and beautiful.. It suits everyone and has no selection of whatsoever. And the fun thing about a faux locs, you can style it which ever way. How cool is that?

Braids don’t ever go out of season, this blonde box Braids might suit a lighter complexioned face more better but who says there are rules to looking dashing?

How perfect is this fringe up do hair?

I am particularly obsessed with Juliet Ibrahim wig. If you are a colour wig person, you might want to try a purple berbie.

Where are my pixie lovers, this goes well beautifully on any one

If you ain’t feeling the whole wig or long hair do, this curly short hair might just be what you need.

Beautiful right? Then go for it!!