Top signs he truly loves and cares about you

New relationships can be very overwhelming and draining, especially if the lady is so carried away with everything that is going on. Women love very deeply and sincerely if they put their hearts to it. It is almost in a man’s nature not to show how he feels but often times have no difficulty in expressing it. Men who are in love and show it all at once are almost very rare in this part of the world.

So on today’s focus, we shall be guiding our ladies especially on the signs to always look out for if they honestly want to know if “this” new guy or maybe already “been there guy” truly cares about them.  Don’t get all worked up if he doesn’t tell you every now and then  about how crazy you make him feel, dont double a heartbeat if  he doesn’t buy you flowers or plant a kiss on your forehead. 

    As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”.  So just to be on the very safe side and avoid doubts of how he feels about you, check out this strong 5 signs that he actually does love you. 

A man who loves you will always put you in his long term plans, Discuss his plans with you, tell you his plans in years to come, of course with both of you in picture. Any guy who doest put you in his plans, hmmmm, ladies don’t wink on that one. He might just be messing around. 

2. A sincere and honest man, may appear as clingy and very protective. But he will never let you fill that he doesn’t trust you. There is a huge difference between an obsessed and selfish  man who wants you all to himself and the one who protects you from harm. If your man is sort of clingy and protects you, ladies,  he is a keeper. 

3. Trust and respect are  primary tools in every relationship. Without it, every other thing is just as irrelevant as they come. A man who truly loves you will never put you in a position to feel you come second to him. He makes you a priority and will never make you feel like other women matter to him. If a man respects his woman that much, he definitely would want her to trust him. And for her to trust him, he knows he has to earn it. 

4. Lookout for how generous he is around you. A man who loves you drops all for you. He wants to be sure you are comfortable and happy at all times, he is never selfish in any way especially when it is connected to matters concerning you. A man who loves you would always be kind to you. 

5. So this one may sound a bit off balance but it is the truth. A man who loves you will never hurt you even if it means lieing to you to keep you away from hurt. Remember that funny thing men say ” women are so in love with lies that the truth seems like a lie to them”.  Well a man who can’t stand his woman hurting especially if he knows what he would do or say to her will hurt, just plays safes by pinching little lies around the truth. Bottom point, the intentions is all that matters. 
So ladies, if you ever have a doubt that your man is playing with your feelings, you might want to go through this again just to be sure. Men are very simple to. Understand specie, women  are very calculative.  We always have a thing for sensing this things.  Till next article on relationships, see you next time.

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Photo credit, @alexuscrown