Synopsis of the Political History of Itu Federal Constituency and the Third Term Conundrum 

By Emmanuel Ndon — The historical journey of Itu Federal Constituency started before 1967, when the regional system of government was abandoned and Nigeria segmented into Provinces. Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria were sometime referred to as Northern and Southern Groups of Provinces. While the Northern Region had a total of thirteen (13) Provinces, […]

2019: Choose between your re-election and Albert’s second term, Uyo group tells Udom

* Governor Udom Emmanuel, Senator Albert & AKHA Speaker, Onofiok Luke  _________________________________________   * Asks Onofiok Luke to steer clear quest for Uyo senate seat   Effiong WILLIAM A group, Uyo Federal Constituency Youth Ambassadors, has called on Governor Udom Emmanuel to choose between his re-election bid as governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2019 […]

Akpabio’s Pension Law Portrays Greed, Deprivation – Sen. Bob

CHAIRMAN of the Governing Council of the University of Benin, Senator Effiong Bob, says the controversial pension law for former Governors and former Deputy Governors of Akwa Ibom state portrays nothing but greed and deprivation and not a thank-you package that a pension benefit should be. Bob, a former senator, in an open letter to […]