Stop the self titling of a “CEO” and get to work

Its amazing and inspiring how young people are taking up entrepreneurship especially in a society where jobs are on the decrease. Thankfully with social media just at the corner, entrepreneurship is trending and a new cool thing to do.  But what is with the self titling on every business pages and business cards? Well a learned person once said….. 

self titling as a CEO is an atonal homage to structurally mandated social hierarchies, not  statement of your iconoclastic self determination” 

We couldn’t agree less on that. With great titles come great responsibilities. It will shock you to know that, most big names hire people to be CEO’S to their multi dollar businesses, because of its great responsibilities. I personally do not think there is any similarity between an entrepreneur and a CEO. 

    Well, do you know that big names who deserve to be called CEO’s like Steve Jobs prefer to use’ vice president ‘ on his business cards?  How about Bill Gates, he went on with the classic’ president ‘. 

Calling yourself a CEO will label you as an egoist or someone with confidence compensation issues. Why call yourself a CEO if you are the only employee at the company or business you founded. 

According to Ryan kulp…… 

“Nothing screams amateur like a glossy business card and a 2 man team and a “CEO” inscribed bolder and bigger than your name. “

     Personally, I feel it is appropriate to call yourself a owner, a founder, an entrepreneur, a publisher, rather than calling yourself a CEO. Big names deserve big steps. Just because you run a small business doesn’t make you a CEO. Calling yourself that will make people less willing to work with you, after all you are a CEO.  So stop pretending to have attained a title you didn’t earn and start doing what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

      Titling yourself as a CEO doesn’t market a product to users, it sells an experience to customers.  Successful CEO’s balance aspirations and focus on things that can be done today and not some title they put on their business card or business page. 

Here’s what a few {some with a healthy sense of humor} business owners had to say:

No, because I feel like CEO is too corporate. I don’t have a board that I answer to, I am my own boss. I usually call myself the Founder or Publisher.

– Holly

I call myself Founder or Owner.

– Louise

I call myself Founder for clients but for applications for credit cards/bank accounts/business ended stuff I use CEO or President.

– Motivating Other Moms

I think if you put CEO that can be a personal preference. But for me I am proud to have created, founded and nurtured my biz. So, Founder and Owner I will use!! ?

– Louise

I’m currently Owner/Inventor. It’s probably considered lame, too, but calling myself CEO or President seems preposterous when there’s no one but the dog around to delegate to.

– Karen

Personally, I just go with owner, but from now on I think I will go with “Big Kahuna”. How will that rock all the people who are worried about what their title says?

– Leah

Because I am an artist and I like the ‘handmade’ feel of what I do, I call myself the ‘artist & owner’. I think ‘CEO’ sounds a bit too stuffy for me.

– Melissa

I say Author/Poet/Publisher…and Elf!

– Sandie.  

Comments extracted from:  (mommy perks. Com) 

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