Remarks by Onofiok Luke, Speaker, AKHA, on resumption from recess on 12th September, 2017

. Onofiok Luke, Speaker, AKHA



Dear distinguished colleagues,

It is with gratitude to God Almighty that I welcome you back to this hollowed chambers from the working recess which we embarked upon in July. It is only by His mercies that we have been able to accomplish all that we did during the working recess

I must thank you also, for your sense of commitment to duty; your patriotic spirit and your statesmanship. I am particularly impressed by the reports and updates which I have received regarding the activities of house committees during the recess. I am proud that the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly has come to imbibe the culture of working all round the legislative year for the good of our constituents. From committee reports, it is evident that all that was paused during the recess was the lawmaking item in our tripartite function. I am aware that representation and oversight duties were carried out at various committees and constituencies during the recess. I congratulate committee chairmen and members who kept the work going during the recess.

Let me state here, dear colleagues, that your passion in meeting the yearnings of our people has been a major drive and an inspiration to me as the first among equals in this House. Your collective commitment to duty has propelled this house towards fulfilling in totality its obligations to the people of our state. I thank you for being there for me and the leadership of this house; for being there for our people; for remaining committed to the sustainable development efforts of the current administration; and for keeping the peace of this honourable house.

I am also very thankful to our management and other legislative staff who held the fort while we were away in London for the one-week capacity building programme at the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies. Also, we could not have asked for better partnership in our pressmen whose reportage have remained balanced, objective and socially responsible. Last but not the least have been Akwa Ibom people whose support, as evident in media commentaries and direct messages to our offices, have been overwhelming.

As we resume in continuation of the third lap of yet another year of robust legislative engagement as the people’s assembly, I assure our constituents that we will be more vigorous in pursuing our legislative agenda. We will work even more assiduously towards providing the state executive with the legislative leverage for the actualisation of the sustainable development programmes of His Excellency, Deacon Udom Emmanuel. We will continue to craft legislations which will reflect the urgency required to deliver on the promises of His Excellency, the Governor. Already, we have pending bills which are aimed at increasing the productive capacity of our state’s economy, improving the social welfare of our people, supporting the security efforts of the federal government in Akwa Ibom state, encouraging foreign direct investments, empowering our youths, and expanding the middle class. We will expedite action on all these bills within this legislative year.

In addition to these, I am aware that some of us are currently researching on other legislative areas aimed at laws that will consolidate government’s development and industrialization efforts. I urge you to speed up this process and bring these bills to the floor of the House. I am also personally working on a number of them and I will soon bring them to the floor as the member representing Nsit Ubium state constituency. Truth remains that there is no limit to the number of laws and resolutions that we can make to better the lives of our people. I also urge committees to speed up actions on pending matters before them.

Let me use this opportunity to appreciate His Excellency Governor Udom Emmanuel for the cooperation of the state executive with the 6th assembly. The direct mutual benefit of this cooperation of powers has yielded priceless benefits for the people of our state. We will also continue to partner the state judiciary under the leadership of the Chief Judge, Honourable Justice Godwin Abraham, with the hope of creating a union that will further our objective of making informed legislations for our people.

Finally, I wish to call on Akwa Ibom people to continue to support and pray for the leadership of our state. As we clock 30, the time is more than ripe for us to direct our energy towards more productive outcomes. If we must criticise, let us do so constructively with the aim of bettering our collective fortune. We must exercise faith in God and in the government that He has given us. As a largely Christian state, we must show our capacity to hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering as the Bible commands in the book of Hebrews 10 verse 23.

For us as a house, we shall continue to pilot our affairs with the fear of God and with total commitment to every policy of government that is aimed at developing our people. We will remain open to our constituents; and we will continue to leave our doors open for them to make inputs to the bills that we intend to make laws. We will continue to entertain petitions on the floor of this house and we will continue to resolve them to the considered best interest of the Akwa Ibom public.

Dear honourable colleagues and staff, I welcome you all to the continuation of God’s Amazing grace in the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly.

Thank you and God bless.

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