PDP responsible for fuel insufficiency: A lame blame too late – Ini Ememobong

Ini Ememobong 

The intellectual faculty of discerning persons was put to task recently by a news item on the above subject said to have been a direct quote from an interview granted by Chief Don Etiebet, an elderstatesman, former minister of Petroleum, former PDP Presidential aspirant, former National chairman of ANPP, former PDP Governorship Aspirant and Member PDP BOT and now Chieftain of the APC.

The news item cites the distinguished Nigerian(Etiebet) as the proponent of the devilish conjecture that our great Party The Peoples Democratic Party is to blame for the lingering scarcity of Premium Motor Spirit (casually and commonly referred to as fuel).

For a person of Etiebet’ s standing, anything said by him should be taken seriously, but the Bible admonishes that we test all things and hold fast that which is true. So brethren, let’s submit uncle Etiebet’s postulation to some logical reasoning.

1. Before the creation of PDP (particularly during the military era) was there any incident of fuel scarcity?

2. Are there fuel bearing vessels, depots,dumps or tank farms owned by the PDP?

3. Is PDP in charge of the ministry of Petroleum, NNPC,the various ports and refineries?

4. Has the PDP prevented the federal government from sacking or terminating any non-performing contract in the value chain of the petroleum sector?

5. Was fuel scarcity not one of the things that the APC promised to end with a magic wand?

6. Is Chief Etiebet not aware that a minister of the federal government is credited to have said that the current scarcity is caused by the good economic policies of the APC led government, which has made more Nigerians able to buy cars,thereby increasing the demand for fuel and stretching supply.
Also for further consideration are these posers?

1. Is PDP also to blame for the herdsmen crisis in the country?

2. Are the Catholic Bishops who passed a damning verdict on the management of the country under the APC administration members of the PDP?

3. Must every national issue be discussed under the banner of partisan politics?

Though the gist of the message was comical,but the calibre of the purveyor was disturbing, due to his previous standing as a former petroleum minister.

However, we are certain that the enlightened populace was not surprised at such a goof. Had the elder asked his party before making the statement, he would probably have been advised to proclaim that the cause of the scarcity is due to an elephant that swallowed 2 billion litres of PMS from the central depot. Afterall other animals are alleged to have swallowed other valuables.

As much as everyone has the right to say what he feels like, no matter how absurd it sounds, it is proper to remind those who lay claim to leadership that each time they talk, the citizens while listening are undertaking a classification of the talker .

A ready classification is that propounded by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, in his book “A journey”, where he divides leaders into “the dumb, the cynical,the tedious, the mildy unsuitable, the weird, the products of systems so mad and dysfunctional… the clever, wise and good ones”. I don’t know which class the public will place chief Etiebet with such a pedestrian postulation.

We are hopeful that very soon the APC will quit this unending blame game and use their ‘dying minutes’ in the villa to attempt some solutions at the many problems facing the country, so that at their departure in 2019 they can at least point to few right steps taken, irrespective of the results.

Comrade Ini Ememobong ANIPR
State Publicity Secretary
Peoples Democratic Party
Akwa Ibom State

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