Need for sex not why I resigned – Fr. Edet

Rev. Patrick Edet 




Sources close to Patrick Henry Edet, the Catholic priest whose resignation from the church has been hotly debated, have dismissed insinuations that the need for sex is why the Reverend Father left the Catholic Church.

“Father Edet is not a man whose decisions could have been ordered by such canal things as sex. We have known him too long to know that he is principled and has been dedicated to the Catholic faith for so many years without breaking the celibacy that defines the Catholic priesthood. People, catholics especially, are saddened by his exit, but he had made his decision,” a source close to the church told on yesterday evening.

Catholic priests have been known in the past to have resigned from the church to break away from their celibacy or to build their Penticostal assemblies which are free from the limitations in the Catholic priesthood.

But the Former Uyo Diocese priest, founder of the Grace Family Global outreach and radio preacher said he is leaving not because a woman has enticed him.

Edet who made the announcement during his Grace and Inspiration radio show on Planet Radio 101.1FM on Wednesday however noted that his hope rests on God alone.

He said, “From 31st of July (2017), I ceased to be a Catholic priest in my thinking, in my spirit, in my soul, and in my body. I didn’t just wake up one day to take that decision. I have fasted, I have considered and prayed about this for years. I take it as a personal decision.

“No man is out there enticing me to come out, no woman is out there inviting me. No offer, nothing elsewhere, no hope. I have only God in my heart. I have his love in my heart. I have his spirit in my soul. I have hope only in God”.

According to the priest, the resignation marked the beginning of ‘freedom’ for his spirit and soul.

He said: “I pray for all those who are heartbroken, those who will condemn me. I don’t even have to say I forgive you, you are right in your thinking; but just that you don’t know everything. I live for God. I seek freedom for my soul. As I leave, I leave smiling I am so happy that I am free.”

The priest who also announced that he should be addressed simply as Reverend Patrick Edet said it was time to move on and serve God in a different capacity.

He attributing his resignation to some bottlenecks within the Catholic Church which has conflicted his ministry and what God called him for.

While describing the church as one of the most organised denomination, Fr. Edet added that his ministry was beyond the boundary of the church as a missionary.

“I discovered the problem I’ve had is that the space given to me in the Catholic Church as a minister is so small and there was so much contention for that small space.

“The Catholic Church is the best institution that has ever been built. So organised. No nation or country can rival the Catholic Church in terms of organisation and order.

“Education is excellent, the culture is impeccable. But it comes with a package. The package I have discovered is a limitation; that the box is already made for you, you cannot go outside the box.

“You cannot go beyond that box. You cannot express God beyond that box and any attempt to go beyond that box brings you label, brings you judgement.

“And the God I’ve discovered in life, in reading the scripture and relating with him in the spirit, is a God that cannot be fully known.

“That God is a God that cannot be predicted and cannot be fully captured in human expression, otherwise He will cease to be a mystery.

“That is the God I have come to accept as my God. The God who coloured my life, gave me a new life and gave me a new call. And I’ve come to realise that in serving that God, you need freedom”, he said.

He expressed gratitude to the Catholic Church for the opportunity given him to get to the present height.

Reverend Edet has been a priest for eleven years. He said that Grace Family Global Outreach will continue its programmes and activities as an independent ministry.

Oficial communication from the Catholic church regarding Fr. Edet’s resignation was yet to be issued as of the time of filing this report.

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