Meet the world’s first digital supermodel, Shadu 

 By Blessing Lawrence 

    At  glance of her pictures, what comes to mind? A beautiful black woman right? Well that is what she represents. 

But guess what? This isn’t real…. She is as fake as non existence but yet one of the finest and the first digital supermodel in the world with a large follower base of 130,000 on Instagram. 

This is what the man who created this beauty have to say…… 

“process of creating a character from scratch requires meticulous attention to detail. “I start with a standard model with very, very blank features—almost like a mannequin,” 

Wilson says. “You work from there to add features [like specific nose and eye shapes] and make subtle changes to create a character. You can change absolutely every aspect of this featureless base to create some really, really beautiful and striking characteristics.”

This process can take as long as two or three days.

Wilson uses a software called Daz-3d to create his images and according to him, this isn’t taken really serious in the digital world because it is seen as a hobbyist program. 

And when asked about her makeup, Wilson says he invited the best hands. He includes sir John who has worked with celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Tiegen and Beyonce to create a beauty look specifically for Shadu. 

Source…. @cosmopilitan