Meet the Jim Iyke with a beret 

Hello everyone, hope you are having a fabulous week like we are. Today, we are crushing helplessly for Nollywood star and star icon, Jim Iyke. 

Jim is back, and this time he is back like he has never been before. 

His fashion game is too lit and this might just make us crown him best dressed Nollywood actor, 😉. 

So who else has noticed, Jim Iyke is serving major beret inspiration. The beret “tingo” was never really taken seriously until recently when it came back into the style market again, and alot of people are beginning to embrace it. 

Jim obviously seem to be part of this movement of fashionistas, like hold up, the man owns it in different colors. 

Only a man with a great sense of style and taste will do this, don’t you agree? 

So again, let Jim Iyke be your guide when next you are in doubt if to own a beret or not, and this trend is applicable to any sex. 

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