Meet the brave burns survivor turned youtuber/blogger, Shalom Blac

Not everybody can have the spirit to endure pain and constant mockery like Shalom did. As a young child in Nigeria, young shallom Blac suffered severe oil burns from her mother’s restaurant which left her in the hospital for about 4 months.

 As a result of the incident, shalom had burns on her face, chest, shoulders and head, which resulted to her loss of hair. 

” I remember one day just taking a knife and going into the bathroom and looking at myself and wondering why people just don’t like me and why they see a monster. 

‘I just couldn’t imagine living my whole life being bullied every day, even just going out people just staring at me and just wondering “what the hell is wrong with her face?”

Now shallom left all that bullying and non stop staring behide her and accepted herself as being beautiful inside even if the world thought otherwise about her physical beauty. According to shallom,” moving to America didnt change anything either, i was called names like monster. ” 

Today, shallom has taken to YouTube to share her inspiring story and makeup tutorials on how to cover scars, with over 100,000 subscribers and 6 million views. Not bad for a girl who thought of commiting suicide.

Shalom and her younger sister, who also suffered burns

 Today, young, beautiful darkskin beauty is living her life and wouldn’t change it if she had the chance to.