Inspirational,meet the youngest self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner

If there is anything we should learn from Kylie Jenner, it should be the win she got out from all this.  Imagine her finding peace of mind, satisfaction and endless possibilities the moment she decided to come out of her insecurities.

     According to the young boss, she didn’t always know what she wanted, but she knew she loved makeup so much.  She felt so insecure about her thin lips, and out of desperation to get what suits her, she discovered her passion and today, she is ranked No 27 Forbes richest young billionaire ahead of her sister Kim Kardashian and music Icon Beyonce Carter. 

Kylie Jenner admitted to the fact that her mother contributed to her success and the success of her makeup business, Kylie cosmetics.  Her insecurities, she turned into opportunities and today she is the youngest richest self made woman in the world, beat that!