In her shoes…….

       What has she grown to believe, what has the society instilled in her. What has the home she grew from told her of herself? That she is second, that she should never compete, that she is a caretaker and all that years in school will end in her kitchen or as a house  wife. The woman race has evolved into a more competitive and striving one. The 21st century woman has taken a different turn as regards who she used to be. The world of excellence does not belong to just the man anymore.

       The woman has grown to teach herself what her society refused to teach her, what her mother was not taught. She is now an ally and not just a caretaker. She is becoming a global brand, she is becoming the head in her field. Her old shoes has long hurt and the blisters and scars are her reminder of her yesterday and who she used to be. Though she might be scorned by many for her rise to knowledge, she has refused to be in oblivion. Her new shoes fits so well they don’t hurt anymore and is now admired by few of the many that thought she was worthless and not important.

      The 21st century woman is taking up to leadership, she is a mother, a boss, a supporter, a wife, and not just the woman who takes care of children.