How gorgeous are these selected reception dress inspirations for your big day

It is no news that a second look or reception dress is here to stay for good. In the past, brides just settle for the usual white bridal gown from the beginning to the end of the ceremony.

Now, the ball game is different and tighter as new brides are stepping up their game. A second look or even third look for your reception is becoming more trendy.

Most people if not everyone look forward to seeing the bride’s dress and imagining giving your guest a reason to get thrilled by changing into a reception dress.

We came across very beautiful inspirations for reception dresses and here they are. You can never go wrong if you try out any of these look for your special big day ahead.

It’s OK if you want to settle for a Cinderella look, ball gown look, a trim and more sexy look, it is your choice as long as you come out stealing the attention.

Photocredit, @saidmhamadphotography on ig