Godswill Akpabio’s comical defection

* Akpabio

I nearly cracked my ribs with laughter watching Godswill Akpabio being received by President Buhari in London after dumping the PDP for the APC. Suddenly, Buhari is Akpabio’s father.

This is the same Buhari he verbally tormented as Minority Leader in the Senate. These bread and butter politicians will never cease to amaze us. Akpabio is already out with humdrum reasons for dumping the PDP. He said he defected to the APC to salvage the country and that his new party would sweep away poverty and impunity.

This man has also been talking about emancipating his people and providing succour to them with his defection. Haba! Akpabio! How much of poverty and impunity has the APC swept away in over three years at the helms? How much of poverty did this man sweep away during his eight years as governor? Akpabio left Akwa Ibom in tatters. He simply swept the state’s treasury clean.

For the likes of Akpabio, it’s not about ideology but the next meal ticket; and of course, an opportunity to deflect pressure from anti-corruption agencies. Akpabio knows the difference between a Progressive and a Conservative, but his belly and the need for protection from the EFCC supersede. This country can’t make progress with people like these. Obviously, Akpabio can’t be trusted.

I am surprised that he is the only one unaware of this. This is why he is dreaming of working with Buhari. He is the only one that thinks his corruption case is history by joining the APC. Perhaps, he thinks we have all forgotten that the EFCC wrote letters to several banks demanding information on the Akwa Ibom State’s accounts amid allegations that he had stolen over N100 billion from the coffers of the oil-rich state.

I also know that the Governor Udom Emmanuel fire also contributed to Akpabio’s departure from the PDP. This governor successfully resisted attempts by Akpabio to turn him into a puppet. Majority of the members of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly have affirmed support and solidarity to Emmanuel.

Apkabio is clearly in for a tough fight in the state. He has simply destroyed the little that is left of his political vocation. It did not come as a surprise that key stakeholders in Akwa Ibom State politics were glaringly missing during Akpabio’s declaration for the APC at Ikot Ekpene, his senatorial zone. Most of his loyalists, who believed he betrayed them also stayed away. Only two commissioners from Emmanuel’s cabinet moved to APC with him.

Few hours after Akpabio’s comical rally, thousands of Ikot Ekpene indigenes took to the streets of the 10 local governments within the senatorial district to register their opposition to his defection. The rallies held after several town hall meetings where elders across the zone pledged their support to the leadership of Governor Emmanuel. The message to Akpabio is very clear. Unfortunately, he is living in wonderland.

* Culled from RingTrue with Yemi Adebowale – THISDAY Newspaper August 11, 2018