Editorial: Akpabio’s leprous hands in AKHA crisis

* Akpabio & Ekere

The office of the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly had last week drawn the attention of concerned members of the public to the leprous hands of fifth columnists orchestrating the crisis in the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly. In the statement signed by Kufre Okon, press secretary to Speaker Onofiok Luke, Mr Godswill Akpabio was categorically fingered as the chief mastermind of the unrest in the State Assembly all in his bid to cause crisis in the entire state.

Akpabio had however dismissed the claim in a statement by one of his media aides, Anietie Ekong.

But emerging facts have made nonsense of Akpabio’s denial of his indecorous role in the current unrest. The latest federal high court suit served on the speaker and seen by Propellerng.com confirms the Speaker’s earlier claim that none other than Godswill Akpabio is the script writer and director in the indecent drama being staged by Nse Ntuen and 4 others.

It may interest Akwa Ibom people and Nigerians to note that 4 of the 6 lawyers retained to prosecute the action on behalf of the 5 former members are lawyers from the Godswill Akpabio Law House located in Ewet Housing Estate. According to Propeller Newspapers findings, Mr Godswill Akpabio is the principal partner of the law firm.

The lawyers are:
Patrick Umoh
Anthony Udonsa
Aniebiet Umoren
Sekenim Asuka

While Patrick Umoh is the Head of practice, Anthony Udonsa is the Managing Partner the other two are Associates in Godswill Akpabio Law House. It could not be a mere coincidence that Nse Ntuen, the impersonator who has been parading himself as Speaker of the state assembly is from Akpabio’s Essien Udim state constituency. It cannot also be a coincidence that the fake Sergeant-at-Arms who was used in last week’s desecration of the hallowed chambers of the state legislature is from Akpabio’s Essien Udim. And now almost all the lawyers defending the anti-democratic acts of the sacked former members are from Akpabio’s law chamber.

How therefore can Akpabio still deny his involvement in the crisis in the face of these self-evident facts? Is it until Akpabio personally wears the wig and gown as a prosecutor in this matter that the APC will accept that their chieftain, Godswill Akpabio has taken it upon himself to singlehanded prosecute a war against the free operation of democracy which the state legislature represents in Akwa Ibom? Is it until Akpabio ultimately institutes anarchy in the state that APC will call him to order. Propeller Newspaper is concerned that the leadership of the APC itself has willingly backed the lawlessness which Akpabio unfortunately has decided to sponsor.

Let Sen. Godswill Akpabio just come out and say this is his personal battle and that he has found a lifelong opportunity to remove Onofiok Luke as speaker.

This newspaper must state that this onslaught and evil machination against democracy must remain vehemently resisted by peace loving Akwa Ibom persons. Mr Onofiok Luke has also made public plans to frame him up and have him arrested in trumped up charges before the elections. It is sad that this is the version of the ‘federal might’ that Akwa Ibom people are in receipt of, when federal might should actually be in the form of good roads and security.