Do’s and don’ts of your first visit to your in-laws home

So ladies, we are Pretty sure you get this reminders all the time, but let’s go over them again. You don’t want to look off on your first official introduction to your man’s family.  

Avoid by all means, revealing outfits….. 

You don’t want to be the topic after you are gone. Parents have a way of over exaggerating this things sometimes, so to play safe rule this sort of outfit out of your selection. 

Colored hair is a big NO! NO! 

This honestly may not be a big deal for you or your man, but trust me when I say, African parents are too picky. Don’t let your hairdo make you look like the bad mom material, wink **

Rigged Jeans a total rule out. 

If you want to stay engaged, don’t ever think of this sort of outfit as an option. What sort of a mother do you want to be to their grand children? 

Loud makeup should not be an option….. 

No mother in law will sit down and watch you while you have this sort of drama going on, on your face. Wear this out with Bae if he likes this so much, but please never to see his parent. 

Try some Ankara fusion…. 

Ankara mix, has a way of making you stand out, look different and wify. Don’t get this wrong, you can look decent in any other material, but Ankara just has this feeling of being special and different. You can never go wrong with it.