Chinese farm hits global headlines for breeding 6 billion cockroaches for medical purposes

Cockroaches are often associated with filthy sewers and dirty kitchens. But a giant farm in China breeds six billion cockroaches annually for pharmaceutical purposes, and such an operation is reversing people’s attitudes toward the insect. The AI-controlled cockroach farm located in Xichang, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, hit headlines of overseas media recently. The farm bred […]

Here’s why Miss Akwa Ibom Teen was dethroned 

. Abasiodiong Eno Inyang ____________________________________   inner of the 2017 Queen of Akwa Ibom Teenagers Forum, Abasiodiong Eno Inyang has been dethroned after she released semi-unclad photos to mark her birthday. Semi-unclad photos of 20-year-old Abasiodiong Eno Inyang went viral on social media after they were posted on Saturday. Her br**sts were visible in some […]

Bride kills self after husband refutes virginity test

A man in Tajikistan has been charged with driving his wife to commit suicide amid allegations he pressured her into taking virginity tests and then demanded a second bride after disbelieving the results. Rajabbi Khurshed, 18, killed herself by drinking a lethal dose of vinegar 40 days after her wedding to 24-year-old Zafar Pirov, who […]