Beautiful mummy and I photos

Eleonor Gooday is a paris trained portrait photographer and there is nothing as beautiful mummy and I photos she shares on her page, you will just fall in love.                So let me borrow Buchi Emechetes book title, the joys of motherhood.   Nothing beats the love of a […]

Beauty of the Nigerian food.

    Have you ever wondered what life itself would have been like without our delicious Nigerian food?   The Nigerian delicacies has over time proven to be second to best, well at least that is what we Nigerians believe.                Nigeria is filled with her diversity in culture, […]

A fashion trip to the city of paris

Photography is a very beautiful and powerful medium. It takes you to places only your imagination can only think of. It explodes your mind and fascinates everything in your thought. Imagine knowing so much about places you haven’t been to before just because you see beautiful images of those places in pictures. That is how […]