Akwa Ibom celebrates 30th anniversary with largest syringe factory

Governor Udom Emmanuel
By Iniabasi Umo
The Akwa Ibom State government will celebrate its 30th anniversary with the launch of the largest syringe factory in Africa.
The syringe factory which will be the second but largest factory in Africa will produce 400 million syringes per year.
The syringe factory is expected to cater for the syringe needs of Nigeria estimated at 600 million annually.
Speaking in Uyo on Wednesday during a pre-press anniversary briefing, Commissioner of Information and Strategy in the state, Mr. Charles Udoh, said the launch of the syringe factory is part of the events lined up for the 30th anniversary celebration of the state.
According to him, the launch of the syringe and metering factory with a production capacity of 600,000 meters per annum were a fulfilment of the industrialisation policy of the state governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel.
He said, “Today we are talking about opening the biggest syringe factory in Africa. That is not government money but an investment that will create an enabling environment for the benefit of our people.
“The syringe factory is the biggest in Africa by all standards. The first syringe factory in Africa is in South Africa and it has a capacity of 95 million syringes per annum. We have built a 400 million syringe capacity factory, the largest in Africa and second in Africa by all standards.
“Nigeria statistics shows that we consume 6 billion syringes per annum. Where do we get these syringes from? We import them, so there is a huge market for us. So, building the largest syringe factory in Africa, you can imagine the volume of business and opportunities that would come into Akwa Ibom State. The same thing applies to the electric metering factory.”
Udoh explained that the syringe and metering companies will take care of the employment needs of the Akwa Ibom people and open up other employment opportunities for the people.
He discouraged the belief that the employment opportunities will only accommodate unemployed supporters of the state government, noting that the job opportunities that the factories will create will not discriminate along party, ethnic, or religious lines.
“We dream of creating the next set of future leaders who can stand on their own. We believe that as a state, rising to the feat of greatness, we can propel our people, we can give them that enabling environment, that knowledge, skills, and aptitude to begin to aspire.
“Among the major things that drive industrialisation efforts is infrastructure and security. If we don’t provide that security, investors will not come to invest in your state.
“This benefit is beyond party, ethnic and religious line. This benefit is a benefit for the people of Akwa Ibom State,” he said.
Other events lined up for the celebration include: Ibom cultural carnival, pictorial/photography exhibition, Ibom food fest, Dakadda business forum, music fiesta, FEYRep anniversary event, micro, small and medium scale enterprise clinic, and project commissioning, among other things.
The 30th anniversary celebration of the state which has the theme, “Arise! Let’s build the future together” starts from September 14th – 25th, 2017.