72 statutory delegates of Nsit Ibom join Etinan to endorse Onofiok Luke

* Onofiok Luke, Speaker, AKHA

Barely two weeks after the political leaders and stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Etinan local government area endorsed the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Mr Onofiok Luke, to contest for the Etinan Federal Constituency seat in the National Assembly in 2019, the entire statutory delegates of the party in Nsit Ibom local government area, one of the three local government areas making up the federal constituency, Wednesday, followed suit.

Prominent among those who made the endorsement from Nsit Ibom are the council chairman, Eric Akpan; a former Speaker of the Akwa Ibom Assembly, Anietie Etuk,10 councillors from the ten wards of the local government, 10 ward chairmen, nine ward vice chairmen, 10 ward women leaders, 13 chapter executive council members, seven youth leaders, and nine ward secretaries, among others.

The Director-General of the Speaker’s campaign, Mr Anietie Etuk, Chairman of Nsit Ibom local government, Mr Eric Akpan, and other stakeholders who spoke at the occasion made their declaration to support Luke, saying that they have over the years keenly watched and assessed the contributions and assistance rendered selflessly by the Speaker, and are convinced that he has all it takes to be a good representative of the people in the National Assembly.

The Nsit Ibom people said that the personality of Mr Luke has also endeared them to endorse him and throw their weight behind him to actualize his ambition to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the people of Etinan Federal Constituency.

“By the powers conferred on me as the executive chairman of Nsit Ibom local government area, I hereby stand to affirm all the supports, pledges and endorsements made today by all the stakeholders and delegates here present, that we collectively support you, Barr. Onofiok Luke, to represent us in Etinan Federal Constituency at the National Assembly come 2019.

“I am happy to see all the ten councillors and many others in Nsit Ibom local government area in this occasion supporting the Speaker. As at today, I am not sure that you (Speaker) have any contender because our brother (Mr Samuel Ikon) who currently represents us in the House of Representatives told us in 2015 that he would serve for only one term.

“It is in that one term promise of his that we stand. Gone are the days people would make statements in politics and not stand by it. The shortest way for Nsit Ibom to produce the next House of Representatives member is to vote Onofiok Luke in 2019. We cannot toy with that arrangement, Eric Akpan, the Chairman of Nsit Ibom local government area said.

Responding with gratitude to the people for his endorsement, the Speaker, Onofiok Luke, said he wants to speak at the National Assembly beginning from 2019 because Governor has give him a voice in which he will use to articulate and advocate issues that bothers not only the Etinan Federal Constituency but Akwa Ibom State in general.

He said, “I am talking about a voice that cannot be bought, a voice that cannot be compromised, a voice that cannot think about his own personal interest at the expense of the people, a voice that has always sacrificed his personal interest for the general wellbeing of the people and humanity.

“You need a man who understands research to know which particular law is obsolete, the one that needs ammendment, or which particular law that needs to be reviewed.

“And he can do same through a well documented research and then follow the due process of presenting bills and galvanize his colleagues in the National Assembly to ensure that such a bill passes through”.

He urged the people to protect their votes during the elections, adding that active citizen participation is the solution to security challenges during election.

See other photos of the occasion:

* Speaker Luke exchanging pleasantries with the Chairman of Nsit Ibom local government area, Mr Eric Akpan
* Director General of Mr Luke’s Amazing Grace Campaign Organization, & former Speaker, Mr Anietie Etuk, addressing delegates at the occasion

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